Tool for Online and Offline Language Learning

Ready to continue studying  Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Maltese, Slovene?

Do you need one of these languages for study, travel, work or fun?

Do you want to keep in touch with your origins and strengthen your  roots?

Are you planning to live in a community speaking Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Maltese, Slovene?

Then the TOOL project has been created for you!

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Tool for Online and Offline Language Learning (TOOL) project, funded by the European Union, offers Blended Learning language courses in five European languages: Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Maltese, Slovene.

These courses are designed for learners who have had an initial introduction to one of the languages and who wish to progress from a basic survival level to a higher competency (A2 of the Common European Framework). The project results are for Language schools and Colleges. more

The partners in this project are experts in language education and technology in education from across Europe. more

You can get involved and contribute to this project in a number of ways, click here

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