Project overview


Tool for Online and Offline Language Learning (TOOL) project, funded by the European Union under the Grant Agreement Number 230285-CP-1-2006-1-RO-LINGUA-L2, builds ‘blended learning’ language courses in five European languages: Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Maltese, and Slovene.


Target groups


The courses are designed at A2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference and address learners who have had an initial introduction to one of the languages and who wish to progress from a basic survival level to a higher competence.  Diaspora, businesspeople, tourists, students, workers as well as people who are interested in languages, are all part of the targeted sector.

Expertise and methodology


The project partners are experts in language education and technology in education from across Europe.

The project undertakes to create a blended learning system, online and offline, with materials for learning and teaching in five languages, based on a methodology which is readily transferable to the learning and teaching of other languages. Blended learning combines the inspiration and motivation of traditional classroom teaching with the fun and flexibility of e-learning. For more details visit blended learning.

Synergy with other projects


TOOL works closely in the development of its outputs with another Lingua project called ALL with a view to harmonizing the final products of the two projects. This synergetic approach is expected to allow language institutions to teach a coherent package of nine European languages that can be learned and taught with all the advantages of a blended learning methodology.


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