The five language courses (Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Maltese, Slovene) are created by specialist materials developers with skills in:

  • creating language courses and materials
  • online language learning platforms
  • blended learning.

Each of the five national teams (Belgian, Estonian, Hungarian, Maltese, Slovene) have an expert understanding of the teaching of their languages as a second or foreign language.


As part of the quality assurance process, the language course authors incorporated into the final product and its instruments the feedback received from: learners and tutors (during piloting and tutor training), national experts’ evaluation, internal and external expert project evaluators, voluntary collaboration from institutions and experts.


The courses have ben piloted in the project partner institutions and in voluntary piloting institutions associated with tutor training. The Tutor Guide for autonomous use of the courses  and a Learner Guide for blended learning are available as part of the course.

The project jointly designed guidelines, templates, methodology (integrating innovative blended learning with Web 2.0 applications) and other instruments for each of the courses in order to create a coherent common framework.

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